Does the following situation sounds familiar to you as manager of a housing agency? In week one, it seems the phones and e-mail do not work and all housing consultants are in the office. The following week the house hunters are queuing up in front of your office to use your services.

Running and standing still is in our branch of housing consultancy more common than exception. To manage these flows of work in terms of staffing, CS HOUSING offers you the unique ability to hire flexible staff. Experienced housing consultants who respond to you immediately.

“Jorno has assisted us last summer during our holidays, this went extremely well. He knows the business, is calm and representative which is very much appreciated by the expats.”

Lonneke Haije, Manager AHA b.v.
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Representative, Expert, Calm

With years of experience, CS HOUSING offers a broad network of contacts. From Amsterdam to Utrecht, from ‘t Gooi to The Hague and Wassenaar, within these regions CS HOUSING offers extra staff. These freelancers have a network of good contacts with other brokers and housing agents.


Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us now. In a personal meeting, we like to explain everything in detail about the extraordinary freelance concept of CS HOUSING.
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