CS Housing


With more than a decade of experience in real estate and accommodating expats, CS Housing knows what high level of service is required for her clients in the process of finding a new home.


Renting, buying and managing properties can be a challenging and time taking job but with the personal and professional service of CS Housing it will be minimized to the max. How? We combine our knowledge of the market with listening to your requirements and we interpreter your wishes correctly. We look at your family situation, budget, lifestyle and personal criteria and find a home that suits your needs.
In short, ‘your home, our care’.


Through the years CS HOUSING has built up a network of trustful and selective contacts in and around Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, ‘t Gooi, ‘t Gooi, Wassenaar and Amstelveen,. These contacts include leading real estate agencies, HR-departments, property managers and other housing agencies. As a result, we are up to date with what is going on in the market and we can offer you extensive knowledge of real estate prices, the quality of the houses, the different areas of each city and local regulations.

‘Their future home, our care’.

Also the next generation deserves to live in a safe, clean and pleasant environment. That is why CS HOUSING considers corporate social responsibility as an important goal.
Are the working methods of the client or supplier not in line with corporate social responsibility, we rather give up this cooperation.
We also strive to minimize the burden on the environment through energy-efficient means of transport and we are working as much as possible digital which minimize the use of recycled paper. In short, ‘their future home, our care’.

“I was introduced to Jorno Sturkenboom 2.5 months after I moved to Amsterdam. Up until then I used several real estate agents and tried searching myself but found it impossible. The estate agents I met showed little interest in finding a property that matched my requirements. The majority of apartments that I was shown were outside of my budget and/or not in the location I requested. Searching alone I realized that there are so many scams that you have to watch out for, I almost fell for one myself. Jorno demonstrated a desire to listen to my requirements and rather than bombarding me with numerous apartments he took his time to provide a shortlist ranked in order of suitability. I saw just one apartment with Jorno, which I immediately fell in love with. Having spent months looking I was amazed by how efficient the process of relocating in Amsterdam can actually be if working with the right estate agent. I have recommended Jorno to all of my colleagues and friends who have all experience the same level of service.”

Mahmoud El-Rashidi, Jr Sales Trader IMC Financial Markets’ .
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Good listener, Highly efficient, Expert

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