Searching for properties

Searching for a home for one of your expat employees? Or searching yourself? As well for the HR officer as for the house hunter who makes use of the services of CS HOUSING, it is most important that it feels trustful. Trust is central key in our services.

First of all, we listen to what you’re precisely looking for. Are you looking for a property right in the city center? Or in a quiet suburb? By providing professional and objective information, to answer your questions, to take time for you and to provide you with professional advice, we create the right relationship between each other. Based on this relationship we obtain the rights results.

‘You took my commission and ran’

How often have you experienced this with mediators? CS HOUSING works on a lasting relationship, even when the desired property is found. During the entire rental period CS HOUSING remains your point of contact for questions and comments regarding the accommodation.

No cure, No pay

Whether you are looking for a fully furnished or semi furnished property, for a country houses or city apartments, through CS HOUSING you can rent properties as well for a short as a long term period. We work on a no cure, no pay basis. In other words, commission is only applicable when we have found the right accommodation for you.


Does one of your (expat) employees settle their selves for long period in Netherlands? Will your expat-status change into a local-status? And do you decide to buy a property in the Netherlands? Also for these situations CS HOUSING will be of service to you. During our previous cooperation, the requirements have been explained and the trustful relationship already exists. Similar to the rental procedure, in the purchase procedure personal contact with the buyer, the home seeker, is the key to good results.

“Jorno Sturkenboom acted as a real estate agent when we moved to the Netherlands and we were looking for a house for rent. His service was so excellent that we asked him latter to help us to purchase a house. During the process he was professional, fully committed and he showed exceptional understanding of the needs of people from different cultures.
We would recommend Jorno as a real estate agent to anyone who seeks a house of his dreams.”

Anna and Krzysztof Bielecki, Managing Director ING Lease Holding.
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

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